HATHA YOGA all levels

In this class individuals from all hatha yoga levels can participate. The fundamental elements of the class are the combination of versatility and depth.

An opportunity is given to the participants who are familiar with intense physical training to delve into simple asanas and understand more the way they function in their body, while to those who exercise gently to approach and learn asanas usually not studied in a class of mediocre dynamic training.

The dynamic of the class and its pace is determined each time by the participants.


Basic principles of Horos on the class of hatha yoga

Yoga classes in Horos aim at equal practice and the development of consciousness in physical, emotional and mental level.


We focus on:


the strengthening of the musculoskeletal and nervous system

identifying the limits of the body and its development through proper management

the physical rehabilitation of various imbalances, injuries

relaxation (physical, emotional, mental)

the practice of breathing

recognition of the body’s energy, balancing and management.

the practice of observing and controlling the mind

the self-development of consciousness


A yoga class is structured by:

pranayama (breathing exercises)

asana (posture)

Bandha (energy locks)

meditative exercises



Basic principles

Α. Usually yoga classes are separated by the basic criterion of physical ability. So a lesson with difficult positions is considered lesson for advanced students and with easy positions for beginners.A fundamental principle of hatha yoga is the way in which students encounter practices. According to this principle the Training focuses on intellectuality rather than physicality. The body becomes mind’s tool and is being trained through it. Thus, the separation of students in beginners and advanced does not depend on their physical condition or their age, but rather the way they treat training. This enables individuals from all levels to participate.

Hatha yoga classes in Horos differ in the dynamic quality of the physical training. So there are lessons of mild, moderate and strenuous exercise for the body. In all, however, there are beginners and advanced students.


Β. Hatha yoga offers a complete training system not only for the body but also for our interiority. The techniques used leads to the objective perception of the body and the inner self.

In Horos we rely on this principle. In order for someone to follow a hatha yoga class it is not required to follow specific religious doctrine or particular philosophy of life.

We respect the cultural origins of yoga and its traditions. We focus on its practices, the way in which one can grow spiritually, to develop awareness and to recognize his or her own truth.

This gives the opportunity to individuals with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs to participate in these practices. During the involvement with hatha yoga an opportunity is given to participants to develop communication with themselves and their environment, discover the importance of their existence and the Existence generally developing an interactive relationship in a microscopic and macroscopic level.
In this way, people begin to feel part of a whole and begin to restore the consistency of the whole. An experience that is practiced through the feeling of love and consistency. An experience common to all religious philosophies and doctrines which is the meeting point with the practice of yoga.

Through this perspective, Hatha yoga acquires an objective and scientific dimension. It is contemporary with the intellect of each season, it respects the intellectual search in any form so as not offend any religion or theological perception. You could say that it helps towards this quest by putting the body on an equal base with the mind and treating it as an extension of our spiritual dimension.