Reflexology is a natural complementary therapy method. It helps our body relax, achieve physical and mental well-being and balance its energy. It can stimulate our body’s immune system, and reinforce its ability to combat the various diseases it suffers from.

How Reflexology works

In the entire surface of the feet, hands, ears as well as on other parts of the body there are points, each one corresponding to a particular organ or area of the body. These points are called reflex points. If special massage or pressure methods are applied on a reflex point, the corresponding organ or area of the body is activated, relaxed, and in case it suffers from any kind of trouble, the body’s self-curing process is set in motion.

Chronology of reflexology

The self-curing mechanism using the reflex points exists since the dawn of man. Walking barefoot on stones or on dirt was an automatic and unconscious kind of applied Reflexology. The more human civilization alienated man from nature, the more urgent the need for a method that would activate the body’s self-curing ability by way of massage, especially foot massage. The first steps of Reflexology, as theory and practice, are traced in China around 3000 B.C. In the Sahara Desert, in Ankhamor’s tomb (Tomb of the Doctors, 2330 B.C.), a fresco was found depicting people applying Reflexology. In 1582 we find new information on Reflexology, this time in printed books. Contemporary reports on Reflexology theory and techniques begin to appear from 1913 on.


Reflexology is based on the following principles

There are no medical diagnoses involved. An energy analysis of the body may be involved instead, and conclusions drawn from reflex points. There are no medical prescriptions involved. The various reflexology techniques are never applied on suffering parts of the body. The treatment of the disease is holistic and its aim is to invigorate the body and activate its self-curing ability. From the basic principles and their rationale we can conclude that Reflexology is based on a natural management of the human body. As a result, the possibility of harm caused on the body from the application of Reflexology is excluded, and Reflexology represents no obstacle to any kind of treatment. On the contrary, it can act in combination with other curing methods and contribute in a more complete treatment of a disease.


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