Holistic Dietology is a method of studying foods in a natural way and from a general point of view. Apart from the foods’ content and nutritional value, it takes into account their shape, colour, as well as their relation with the time and environment within which they are produced.

According to its shape and colour, each type of food can co-ordinate our body energy and can provide us not only with precious nutrients but with other elements that contribute to our holistic well-being. For example:

  • Triangular foods help us communicate with our inner selves as well as with other people.
  • Circular foods help us improve our creativity, harmonize our energy as well as remodel our primordial energy.
  • Straight foods help provide us with durability, perseverance in our life course, and free energy flow.

All this information can help us improve our nutrition, balance our body weight, detoxify our system, combat various diseases, and harmonize our body.